You don't have a drum kit at home or if you want to go crazy on one? That is possible at Planet Drums. This booth is specially for drummers; soundproof and ideal for students who are not able to practise at home.But also for people who just want to play.


The booth is furnished with a 5 piece Mapex Birch drum kit, complete with cymbals. There is a computer with internet and a pair of isolation headphones. All you need to bring are your own drumsticks. You can rent this booth from us for a longer period of time, but also for just a single hour.

You can take out a subscription for a period of five months. During this period you can make reservations for two hours every week.


For this period you pay a one-time fee:


Members € 79,00
Non-members € 89,00
Just one hour €   9,50

Email to make a reservation: